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[interests] interests = [ “Social and Emotional Development”, “Computational Linguistics”, “Statistical Modeling” ]

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[[education.courses]] course = “PhD in Psychology (Quantitative Concentration)” institution = “Carleton University” year = “2017 to present”

[[education.courses]] course = “MA in Psychology” institution = “Carleton University” year = “2015 to 2017”

[[education.courses]] course = “BA (Hon) Major in Psychology” institution = “Mount Saint Vincent University” year = “2011 to 2015”



I’m a graduate student at Carleton University, where I conduct research on emotions. I’m interested in how emotions change over time - both from moment-to-moment and over the course of human development. My current projects are focused on children’s and adolescents’ emotion regulation and its links with social behaviors. I’m also involved in research at the National Research Council Canada in text analytics and computational linguistics - exploring how emotion expressed in language changes over time.