Will Hipson, PhD

Musings on data science, statistics, and programming


Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Will!

I have a PhD in Psychology with a focus on Quantitative Analysis, but now I work as a Data Scientist. I specialize in data visualization, machine learning, Bayesian analysis, and software development. R is cool, I like Python OK and even a little C++.

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada with my wife and cat. I enjoy baking sourdough bread, reading, and watching movies (esp. James Bond). I blog occasionally on topics related to data science.


Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology (Quantitative Concentration)
  • Carleton University, Ottawa (2021)
Master of Arts, Psychology
  • Carleton University, Ottawa (2017)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax (2015)